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From there came to us “Kana” , on the wings of perpetuity.
In its dress of perpetual slip,
Marked with oils and colors,
Proper to the history of “indianométisse” ,
In this red perpetual slip.
Do you hear among the howls of the winds,
Coming the words of the pearls conveyed by the ebb and flow;
Carried by the echo that raises the front of the shell?
To tell the story of these turquoise islands!
What (kind of) perpetual slip (else),
If not this mix between races?
In what perpetual slip (else),
If not the man consulting the divine spirit?
By a Rumba-like “Rumbu” (dance),
With the crossing of the rumbs , using of rambours .
Chains which I carry in my prayers.
Are you a talisman worn on the hip and the neck
Of this Comorian woman,
In her search for procreation?
Or a bewitchment of the eternal questioning,
On my poor heritage of slave, rich of emotions!
Pearl! Aren’t you this beauty of a Creole body?
Captivating the man in the softness of the clinking,
Seizing the sense of its sensitive and frenzied feelings!
Speak about your sorrows suspended in the prison of the unre
Is it by devotion, or respect of the moving emotion,
In this continual rough-casting, of a common identity,
That you reflect back to me as on the face of a window,
The reflection of this shade that I hid in my subconsciousne
But what is then this misleading that choked me
For ignoring you for such a long time, ô my phoenix!
Do you realize the depth of the secular mysteries,
Oh you girl of the Indian Ocean sea and volcanoes.

Mab Elhad
Comorian Poet
Antananarivo, December 8, 2005

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Haya, Somalo mtrotro wa Djinn bahari huzimu!
You pretend to be the creation of the good genius,
Spirit of the air, child of the seas!
You believe you can have everything, blessed so much,
Promising hope in an ephemeral way!
You emerge from the deep entrails,
Claiming to have all the rights,
You, that skies qualify of sling;
You metamorphoses and fill any narrow space.
Somalomalo, somalo iya,
Somalo somalomalo somalo iya!
You make exhale the shades of the mystery
(You) look forward to influencing the direction of the hertz
By showing, sometimes exiling the austere fate,
Through series of prayers and lots of “Hirz”